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Good fundraising is about relationships.

Writing to Connect


Grant writing is not just filling out an application.

Grant proposals connect people and organizations by serving as a bridge between nonprofits and funders. I’m often asked how to obtain grants, especially by those involved with new or grassroots organizations. I created a toolkit that answers these questions to help folks get started:


Is your organization ready to apply for a grant?


What information do you need to write a successful grant proposal?


Where can you find out about grant opportunities?

Get the Grants 101 Toolkit

Toolkit components include: Grant Readiness Assessment, Case Statement, and Prospect Research Overview

I am not currently consulting, but message me on LinkedIn and I can connect you to local consultants or answer general questions. Also, feel free to check out the resources below:

How to Hire a Grant Writer

If you’re hoping to win a grant, but don’t have the time or expertise to prepare the application, you can outsource the process to a professional who has both.

Candid's Knowledge Base

Candid Learning takes Grants 101 to the next level by offering resources about finding grants, writing proposals, and more. There are even resources in Spanish.